Rust — 命令行

Command Line Applications in Rust

Rustup #

Rustup: the Rust installer and version management tool

通过 Rustup 安装 Rust 并管理不同版本。

Cargo #

The Cargo Book

the Rust build tool and package manager

When you install Rustup you’ll also get the latest stable version of the Rust build tool and package manager, also known as Cargo. Cargo does lots of things:

  • build your project with cargo build
  • run your project with cargo run
  • test your project with cargo test
  • build documentation for your project with cargo doc
  • publish a library to with cargo publish

当项目最终准备好发布时,可以使用 cargo build --release 来优化编译项目。

使用 Cargo,在组织代码结构时通常会将代码放在 src 目录下面。

rustc 命令 #

如果不用 Cargo,可以通过 rustc 编译程序并输出可执行文件 main,然后直接 ./main 执行。

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